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Khmer Support wants to give Cambodians access to the newest web technologies. The organization will help you build your website and turn it into a profitable business. We rely on the DotNetNuke content management system to build for you interactive web portals dat will engage your users.

Your user can for instance rely on his Facebook accreditation to log to your web portal, symply by clicking "Login using Facebook". Khmer Support offers you its own social module that will allow your users to interact. It comes with an easy-to-understand role and security manager.

Khmer Support provides you the support. We support you at no cost until you make your business profitable.

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Khmer Nightly News

Do you miss the clean lines and classic designs of the past? Check out our custom recreations based on some of the most popular designs from your childhood.

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Last Night's News

Are you a competitive cycler? We design custom, high-performance bicycles to meet your every need.

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SmartBeauty News

If you’re like me, you love going outdoors but hate all that exercise involved with a typical bicycle. That’s why we started slapping motors on our designs.

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